At ADR, our services continue well past those of simply hiring a tent and our professional flooring hire Pretoria is no exception. We want to ensure that your event is one to truly be remembered and understand that there are many other moving parts that need to be considered to sure your guests are comfortable but above all else, to ensure that ground on which your tent is erected is protected and left undamaged following your event.

ADR floor hire in Pretoria comes in many different forms and the one best suited to you will be down to the type of event you are having, the grounds on which its situated and the amount of foot flow (guests) that you are expecting. Our team is on hand to offer the best advice to best suit your requirements.

How to protect grass surfaces?

If you are pitching your tent on a grass surface, you need to ensure that the ground can withstand the duration of the event and the amount of foot traffic that it will endure. This is often a big concern when planning an event and degradation of the grass can be expensive to repair or can take a long time to rejuvenate. We supply a range of Turf protection products and tent flooring for hire in Pretoria and recommend the use of rectangular plastic tiles which guarantee to protect any grass surface, no matter how big your event might be, and can then be topped with a range of carpet or other tiles for the ultimate neat look. Contact our team of flooring hire specialists today for more information.

Carpet Tiles

We have a range of colors available for use at any type of event, not just those held outdoors or contained within a stretch tent. These tiles come standard sized and measure 1 x 1 meter. Whether you are holding an exhibition indoors or a corporate event outdoors, our carpet tiles for hire in Pretoria are durable, can be placed on top of our turf protection and will provide the necessary protection whilst at the same providing a great looking finish.

Artificial Grass and Astroturf

Fake grass is one of our most popular flooring finishes and really does provide a great effect. Hiring temporary AstroTurf in Pretoria is well suited to an outdoor event and will help to provide the necessary level of protection for both interior and exterior areas of your event. We have a range of sizes in rolls of 5m, 10, and 20m to cover just about any area or custom requirement.

Dancefloor Hire Pretoria

The dancefloor is the center point at any event, wedding or party which is providing music entertainment. Our traditional black and white dancefloor tiles and be hired for any sized dance floor you require and can be arrange in either a solid color or more traditional checked patterns for the ultimate addition to the inside of your tent of framed garden marquee. Contact us for more info